Pre-Registration Price Change

Pre Registration's price has gone up to $25 and it will be open till July 5th, so sign up to avoid paying more, or waiting in line at the convention.


The Exhibitor's Hall and the Artist Alley are now full!

Thank you to all those who signed up, and we look forward to seeing you at this year of KuroNekoCon!


Check out our new YouTube!


The dates for KuroNekoCon 2014 have finally been announced!

We can't wait to see you August 2nd and 3rd at The Spokane Convention Center!

Since our dates are now public KuroNekoCon now has Pre Registration open here!

Also if you feel like you want to lend us your aid this year consider looking through our applications located here!


A Safety Message from our Staff

     This year, KuroNekoCon has committed to improving our safety standards for not only our attendees, but those who we invite along as well. Our policies are ever-growing and changing, and we rely on your help to grow in the right direction. We are revamping our Attendee Code of Conduct as well as adding an option at our information table, at both our convention and our smaller events, to report any activity that may bring harm in any form to you or any of our attendees.

      Of course, these are only a small portion of the measures we can all take to make sure our convention is safe. When you're out and about at a convention, staying in groups can help keep everyone out of harms way, and when you see someone acting suspiciously, you can come find any member of our staff, all marked by a 'Staff' badge, and we will take action immediately. When you see an attendee that looks like they're alone, invite them to come hang out with your friends until their friends show up, and be careful who you put yourself alone with. In a hotel room outside of the convention center, there isn't much we can do, so we rely on each of you to look out for each other.

      Your safety is our utmost concern, and it takes all of us to stop harmful behavior. If you have any information that concerns safety at our convention, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

      Remember to stay safe out there, no matter the convention you're attending, and always remember to have fun.


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